Matthew Wilhelm Kapell has edited volumes on The Matrix, Star Wars, Star Trek and the films of James Cameron. With M.A. degrees in anthropology and history he holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from Swansea University in Great Britain and has taught extensively both there and in the United States. He has published on subjects as diverse as human genetics, Utopian fiction, and African colonial history. A native of the not particularly violent city of Detroit, he has tattoos for each of his book projects and is very much looking forward to the new one for editing Playing with the Past. Wait! He’s already gotten it! More can be found at Matthewkapell.com or, strangely enough, on Wikipedia.

Andrew B.R. Elliott is a Senior Lecturer in Media and Cultural Studies at the University of Lincoln, UK. His research focuses on the representation of history in popular culture, having published on a range of topics from accuracy and authenticity to Vikings and violence. His first book, Remaking the Middle Ages, analyses the reconstruction of the medieval period in modern cinema, and his forthcoming edited collection The Return of the Epic Film (EUP, 2014) analyses the resurgence of the sword and sandal film in the 21st century. Given that it is the only video game he has ever been able to complete, he still fervently insists that The Secret of Monkey Island on the Amiga 500 counts as a historical video game.More information can be found at Andrewbrelliott.com, or at the University of Lincoln’s page on him where he is pictured almost as cool as he actually is.


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